The 3 Main Reasons Why Roof Venting is Important

Ventilation is essential not only in your rooms, but in the space right under your roof and for your roof as well. Ideally, your roof should have two vents, one at the bottom and another one at the top, right under the ridge cap – here is why the proper exchange of air under the roof is so important:

  • Reduced energy costs – when it gets really hot outside, the roof absorbs the heat of the sun. Without proper roof ventilation, that heat is transferred from the roof to the other levels of the building, first to the attic, then to the rooms. Proper roof ventilation stops that process in its tracks, venting out hot air before it heats up your rooms and makes your cooling equipment work harder and generates increased energy consumption;
  • Roof overheating prevention – prolonged exposure to extreme heat will also cause damage in your roof structure. With proper ventilation, the heat is constantly expelled, which reduces the temperature of the roof and prevents any damage caused by overheating;
  • Preventing ice damming – proper roof ventilation can also prevent ice damming. The long icicles that form at the edge of the roof in winter are the result of contact between the warm air rising from the home and the cold roof covered in snow – if the heated air is expelled through the roof vents before it reaches the roof, the snow on the roof will not become water and will not run down on the roof pitch to form ice bars.

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