The Advantages of Going Green with Commercial Roofing in Denver

It would be beneficial to understand the concept of green roofs. Green roofs refer to ecosystems that can develop on top of a roofing system. The green roof can often become the habitat of various species of birds, bees, butterflies, and so on.

We could speak of three main green roof types: intensive, extensive, and semi-extensive. Extensive green roofs have lower weight and thin layers of growing vegetation. They are the most affordable option. Intensive ones are accessible and multi functional but require a deeper system setup. Semi-extensive is somewhere between the two.

Interstate Roofing

Going green with your commercial roofing system in Denver has some significant advantages. Among the many benefits that going green with your commercial roof can have, we could note that the air quality improves. This type of roofing gets rid of pollutants and other undesirable elements that may pose a threat to our general health.

Plants tend to absorb the existing ozone, and they can lower temperatures, reducing the greenhouse effect. The energy consumption can also be reduced due to the efficiency typical of this roofing system. Storm water runoff may also be reduced to a minimum. The return on investment may also be quite good in the case of green roofs because they protect your home.

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