The Advantages of Having Your Roof Certified

A roof certificate is a written document issued by a licensed roofing contractor to certify that the roof is in good condition, free from defects and that it will be able to perform as expected for the period specified on the certificate. The certificate is issued after the professional Denver roofer performs a thorough evaluation of the roof’s condition, the inspection involving every inch of the roof surface, the flashing, the valleys the chimneys, the vents, the ridge caps, the vents as well as the attic space, with all the supporting elements.

Denver roofer

The document is useful for many purposes – here are some:

  • It allows you to make the necessary changes to improve the condition of your roof – if the roof inspection reveals that the roof is not in top shape, your Denver roofer will provide an inspection report that contains the inspection’s findings and the recommended repairs;
  • Impressing your potential buyers – the certificate will prove to your buyers that you are a serious, responsible seller and that your property is in the condition that you say it is;
  • Added value – a Denver roofer inspection certificate adds value to your property and makes it possible for you to increase your asking price at least a little.

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