The Advantages of Slate Tile Roofs

Slate is currently one of the most attractive and most durable roofing materials. The natural roofing solution enjoys great popularity – here are some benefits that the material offers:

  • Superior strength and weather resistance – the fine-grained natural stone can be cut into very thin slabs without compromising the material’s tensile strength. The roofs constructed using slate tiles are resistant to even the highest winds as well as to other types of extreme weather, including heavy rain, snow and hail. Slate is also resistant to fire and to pests, such as termites;
  • Superior durability – slate offers durability of over a century without fading or getting otherwise damaged;
  • Unique beauty – no two pieces of slate are ever the same, each slate has different graining and is of a different shade, therefore the roofs that use the material stand out with their unique looks, too. Slate is also suitable for executing various cuts, allowing homeowners to choose uniform or random width tiles as well as tiles of varying length and thickness for an even more rustic, patterned appearance.

Fort Collins roofing company

Before you choose slate for your next roof, get advice from Fort Collins roofing company pros to make sure that your building is suitable for the material – natural stone is very heavy, therefore it is an option only for buildings that can support the huge weight of the slate roof.

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