The Advantages of Using Roof Coatings

The materials used for roofing offer durability and resistance to the elements, but even these strong materials can do with a little help to stay strong and to insulate your building better. Fortunately, that help is readily available and affordable – in the form of roof coating. Here are the benefits of these paint-like products:

  • Enhanced reflectivity – roof coatings come in a wide array, the most common of them being the ones that improve the reflectivity of the roof. These coats usually  prevent the roof from absorbing solar heat, thus contributing to the roof’s energy performance. Their special formulation also protects the roof from the harm potentially caused by UV radiation;

Fort Collins roofer

  • Enhanced water resistance – waterproofing coatings seal the roof surface and form an efficient waterproofing layer to prevent any roof damage caused by ponding water, such as leaks. A local Fort Collins roofer confirms that these coatings are especially recommended for flat roofs;
  • Prolonged roof life – the protection provided by roof coatings prolongs the life of the roof;
  • Easy application – most roof coating products are similar to thick paint and they are applied in the same way as paint, with the help of a brush, a roller or from spray cans.

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