The Best Choice of Flat Roofing Products in A Cold Climate

Cold climate conditions pose special challenges for roofs, especially for flat structures that are more vulnerable to the pressure caused by thick layers of snow and ice as well as to strong winds.

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Fortunately, the owners of flat roofs have several good options at their disposal – here are some:

  • Built-up roofs – these solutions use a layered structure, made up from alternating layers of asphalt and some type of aggregate, such as gravel. The resulting roof is very strong and durable and requires very little maintenance, while also providing efficient insulation to the building from the top;
  • EPDM – ethylene propylene diene monomer is a lightweight, elastic material that is easy to install, resistant to harsh weather and that can offer a durability of up to half a century. The material is especially suitable for regions that get wide fluctuations in temperature;
  • Modified bitumen roofs – this solution is similar to built-up roofs. Accomplished commercial roofers in Denver install using a combination of tar and gravel, and the process requires the presence of heat. These roofing options are excellent for areas where resistance to oxidization and to UV radiation is essential and they provide great strength and stability when covered in thick layers of snow as well.

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