The Recommended Frequency for People to Inspect Their Roofs

Roof inspections are essential for catching any roof fault in time, before the fault aggravates or extends. The recommended frequency of roof inspections is twice a year, once in spring, to check for any damage caused by the winter and one more time in fall, to prepare the roof for the winter. However, unexpected events can cause unexpectedly severe damage, so it is a good idea to check the roof whenever you suspect that it might have suffered damage after an extreme storm, an extensive rainy, snowy or windy period. Here are the activities that any roofing inspection should involve:

Interstate Roofing inspections

  • Checking the roof from the ground – extensive damage can be detected standing on the ground, using a pair of binoculars. While inspecting the roof from the ground will not reveal minor faults, such as hairline cracks, it will tell you whether your roof has recently suffered any large-scale damage;
  • Inspecting the roof from a ladder – the next step is to take a closer look at your roof from higher up. Set up your ladder, fasten it safely, then climb up to check the roof;
  • Inspecting the roof on the roof – if the roof is safe enough to step on, put on some safety harnesses and anchor yourself safely (just in case), then go up on the roof and check it inch by inch. Pay special attention to sensitive areas, such as roof valleys and flashing stripes and address any issue that you detect as soon as possible.
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