Tips for Financing your Roof Replacement

Replacing a residential or commercial roof is a large investment that you do not have to make more than once or twice in your lifetime. Even so, financing such a project is tricky, because you need to pay a large sum of money.

A Fort Collins roofer can work with you to help you finance your roof

The best solution is to check your roof`s documents and keep in mind its expiration date, to start make some savings early. However, economies are not always possible, so a cost conscious Fort Collins roofer offers you some other tips for financing your roof replacement (mind you, they require you to look at your credit history and overall financial situation!).

Paying cash

If you can afford it, pay the entire sum of money in cash, because you will not need to pay interest, which makes this payment option the cheapest. Just know that a complete roof replacement can run you in the thousands.

Make a personal loan

You will have to pay an average interest rate (which is about 10% on a two-year loan), but if your credit is good, you could get a better offer. When you make a personal loan, you get the money within just a few days, which is another advantage.

Use your credit card

You may be able to qualify for a card that offers a 0% APR promotion, so you can pay for your roof interest-free. However, you must have excellent credit to get approved for this.

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