The Role of Metal in Denver Commercial Roofing Installations

The range of the roofing materials used on commercial facilities in Denver has become diversified and it now includes various synthetic and built-up options, but metal roofs still continue to be among the most popular and most appreciated solutions.

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Here it is why metal is such an important roofing material in the Mile High City:

  • Durability – the metal panels and sheets used on commercial buildings are made from various alloys, such as alloys containing copper, zinc, galvanized and stainless steel or aluminum. Depending on the alloy of choice, according to commercial roofers Denver builders recommend, metal roofs can last for around 40-50 years without developing any special problems;
  • Resistance – metal roofing can stand up to a lot, to almost any kind of harsh weather, including storms extreme temperatures and heavy precipitation;
  • Quick and easy installation – metal roofing materials usually come in the form of kits that include everything needed for the installation. Consequently, the process is quite quick and it requires no special tools;
  • Maintenance – like any roof, metal systems also require regular inspections and cleaning, but other than that they need hardly any attention. The lifespan and the resistance of metal roofs can be further enhanced with the help of roof coating products applied at regular intervals.

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