The Role of Roofing Underlayment in Protecting Your Home

Although some people may think that roof underlayment is not required for the proper functioning of their home, its role is quite important. After all, some local codes require it because the underlayment keeps your roof dry, regardless of the outside elements.

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The roof underlayment is usually applied to the roofing deck before the tiles or the other materials which typically make up the roof. It has the role of a barrier against water and preventing leaks. Therefore, no amount of rain or moisture on the outside can leak into your home.

Even though roof coatings are efficient, a roof underlayment is a fundamental basis that ensures longevity and high resistance against sometimes extreme weather events.

According to a licensed Denver roofer, there are several different types of roof underlayment. The first one is rubberized asphalt, which is made of a mixture of rubber polymers and asphalt. Then we could speak of a non-bitumen synthetic underlayment made using fiberglass ingredients and saturated asphalt.

Then there is the asphalt-saturated felt, which mixes polyester, bitumen, cellulose, and asphalt. And there is yet another innovative type of underlayment, peel-and-stick, which is very easy to apply and still very resistant to humidity. Any of these options protect your home from moisture.

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