The Top Commercial Roofing Trends in Denver for 2023

commercial roofers Denver

Roofing trends can change from year to year, yet many remain the same for extended periods. In this respect, keeping up with the 2023 roofing trends is a great way to ensure your business remains vivid and relevant in the minds of your target customers.

According to one of the best commercial roofers Denver has, one of the most popular trends this year is solar shingles. We could say without being wrong that solar energy is currently the USA’s most rapidly growing energy industry, probably because this roofing solution is a great way to reduce energy bills.

Cool roofs are another trend that is gaining growth for residential and commercial buildings. Eco-friendly roofs are another exciting choice that many business owners favor in 2023 for many reasons, as they are more beloved by customers.

An environmentally-friendly roofing system is also made of recyclable materials such as polymers, rubber or plastic. Each material has its very own characteristics. They are more resistant to wear and tear, affordable and can face even the harshest weather conditions, to name but a few of their many remarkable qualities.

Metal roofs are more and more popular this year. And another exciting solution is synthetic thatch, which is eye-pleasing, functional, fire-resistant, and easy to install and maintain.

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