Tips for Installing a Large Commercial Roof During the Stormy Season

The stormy season can present certain challenges in almost any construction activity in the outdoors. This is especially true for the installation of a large commercial roof. But you can take certain actions to guarantee that your project is finished accurately, on schedule and under budget – even in the wet and unpredictable weather of the stormy season.

Go for a weather-resistant system

When it comes to extreme weather conditions, selecting the right kind of roof is the first and most important step. You should look for materials with a proven track-record of performance against wind, rain or hail. Waterproofing, impact resistance and other factors should be considered for roof material and design choices. Of course, to ensure roof longevity, make sure you hire only the best commercial roofers like Interstate Roofing for installation.

Interstate Roofing

Create an efficient support system

The right support base for the roof is essential, no matter what the weather conditions. Stormy weather can add additional stresses to the support system, making it even more important to create a stable platform for the roof. This should include the use of additional reinforcements and waterproofing measures, as well as ensuring that the weight of the roof does not exceed the capacity of the support system.

Prioritize safety

The stormy season can create mix of rain, wind and hail, all of which can present significant safety risks for anyone on the roof. Make sure your team is well-prepared for the conditions by providing appropriate safety gear, wet-weather procedures and other measures to mitigate risks.

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