Tips for Troubleshooting Roof Repair

Troubleshooting roofing issues right away when they are noticed is very important for maintaining the strength and durability of the entire roofing structure. The most common roofing problems that require instant action are component damage caused by impact, the detachment or removal of roofing sections by winds and leaks.

Denver roofer

Here are some efficient repair methods used by Denver roofer professionals to remedy such roofing emergencies:

  • Identify the problem – the damage caused by fallen tree branches or by other impact is easy to identify and so is the damage caused by winds – just look for cracked, broken, missing or detached components and for damaged fixing elements. The small holes and gaps that lead to the appearance of leaks are more difficult to find, though, so you will need to perform a thorough inspection, looking up to the roof from the attic and checking problem areas, such as the roof valleys and the areas covered with flashing;
  • Decide whether the repair is in your competence – replacing a few shingles or reattaching a flashing stripe is not very difficult if you are comfortable moving around on the roof – all you need to do is remove the faulty shingle or flashing and slip or glue the new piece into place. However, if the damage is substantial, it is a better idea to call a roofer to ensure that the repair is executed correctly.

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