Tips to Prevent Roof Heat Damage

Fort Collins roofer

Heat can be unbearable not only for humans, animals and plants – it can cause severe roof damage as well. Fortunately, there are several good ways to prevent heat damage on your roof – here are some tips offered by a knowledgeable Fort Collins roofer:

  • Ensure that your roof is installed properly – using the right type of materials on your roof and ensuring that all the layers are correctly installed, including the sheathing and the underlayment is essential for a roof that is able to withstand high solar heat;
  • Proper ventilation – any roof should have at least two vents to ensure that the air is able to move under the roof to vent out hot air. In very hot climate regions, it is a good idea to have more than two vents and to check the vents regularly for clogs and other damage;
  • Light-colored materials – the lighter the color of the roofing surface, the more heat it reflects;
  • Using roof coats – most types of roof surfaces can be treated with coatings to enhance particular qualities. You can today find many products that serve the purpose of improving the roof’s ability to reflect heat, thus preventing the roof damage caused by heat – most of these products are similar to paint and they are applied like paint, too.

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