Tools and Equipment Used by Residential Roofers

Fort Collins roofer

Residential roofing is a profession that requires dexterity, responsibility and knowledge about how to handle a variety of materials and products. Here are some of the most common tools and pieces of equipment used by residential roofers that help them achieve all that:

  • Ladders – a well prepared Fort Collins roofer does not ask clients to provide the ladders to use for climbing to the roof, but they have their own;
  • Personal safety equipment – a responsible roofer is a professional who takes care not only to handle roofing materials as they should be handled, but also someone who takes care of their own safety. Consequently, one of the most important pieces of equipment used by residential roofers is their personal safety gear composed of harnesses with anchoring units, work gloves, helmets and work shoes;
  • Hammers – specialized roofing hammers are among the most frequently used tools of any roofer;
  • Nailers – no roofer refuses a little powered help. Driving in nails and other fasteners is a task that takes up most of the time off roofers, so a powered nailer is among their most frequently used tools;
  • Utility knives – these sharp tools do an excellent service whenever roofers need to cut something or when they need to elaborate a nail or a screw as well.

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