Types of Commercial Roofing Ideal for Larger Buildings

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Commercial buildings can use sloping, flat as well as arched roofs, but when it comes to the roof type that works best for really large commercial buildings, flat structures seem to be most common choice partly due to the stability, durability, strength and easy maintenance offered by the option and partly due to the lower costs of building flat roofs compared to arched or pitched designs. Here are some of the materials that respected commercial roofing Denver CO pros commonly use on large flat roofs:

  • Metal in the form of sheets or panels – the traditional solution for commercial roofs, metal roofing systems come in a variety of alloys and they are preferred by the owners of commercial buildings for their affordability, their strength and their durability for around 30 years;
  • EPDM – the single-ply membrane is made from synthetic material that come in large sheets that are simply rolled out on the roof surface and fastened. The material is resistant to punctures, UV radiation and chemical spills and it can stand up to harsh weather as well;
  • TPO – another lightweight, durable and puncture-resistant membrane, TPO is also a synthetic material that is quick and easy to install and works great for small as well as for large roofs.

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