Types of Roofing Installations That Go Well Together with Fiber Cement Siding

You have likely seen fiber cement siding even if you did not recognized it because you are not familiar with this material. This type of siding has been used for more than 100 years already and can be made to look like stucco or even wood grain. Due to its attractiveness, fire resistance and excellent resale value, this exceptionally durable siding material is increasingly popular. Fiber cement siding may also be the best option for your home if your priority is a low-maintenance facade.

The impressive longevity of the material is guaranteed by manufacturers, that offer up to 50-year warranties.

There are numerous ways for homeowners to improve the aesthetics of the facade of their property and add visual appeal. Coordination of the siding patterns and roofing hues is one of the favorite strategies. Combining various roofing and siding material options, colors and textures can result in a practical and appealing solution for increasing curb appeal.

The subtle fiber cement siding mixed with a roof with a stone-like design or cedar shakes creates the ultimate house-by-the-lake vibe. It is a very beautiful look.

Other ideal matches for fiber cement siding include metal roofing, slate and concrete shingles that will match not only the aspect but also the longevity of the fiber cement siding.

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