Types of Roofing Materials to Avoid in Colorado

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The rugged environment of Colorado calls for rugged roofs, the most important feature that local roofing structures need being resilience. Colorado is a large state composed of regions with a variety of climates, from hot and arid to very cold and humid. The roofing materials that work best in the region are able to withstand whatever extreme event the local climate brings about, which also means that some materials are best avoided in the area. Well known Denver roofing companies affirm that these are some things to pay attention to:

  • Avoid lower quality levels – whatever material you are looking at, it surely comes in a variety of quality levels. If we take the example of asphalt shingles, the material is said to be more suitable for moderate climate zones, but the special, impact resistant varieties make just the perfect choice for any region in Colorado.
  • Consider the climate in your area – your choice of roofing materials should be informed by the climate features that the material will have to stand up to. If you live in a humid area, wood is a material that you should avoid due to the fact that the natural material can be severely affected by the exposure to high levels of humidity. Another example would be metal roofs – the material is considered to be one of the strongest options available today, but standing seam varieties are not recommended for high wind areas because these roof types can be easily damaged when the quickly moving air gets underneath the components and lifts them.

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