Understanding the Different Commercial Roofing Codes and Regulations in Fort Collins

Each USA region has its roofing codes and regulations. And understanding them is very important for ensuring you do not have undesirable surprises that may cost you. For instance, there are specific situations where a permit is required for certain repairs, like if the repairs cover more than ten percent of your roof’s square footage. In that case, a permit is needed.

commercial roof repair Fort Collins

And although you can sometimes obtain online permits, this is impossible if your building is more extensive than 25,000 square feet. At the same time, you will need a permit for new roof penetrations, such as solar, pipes, skylights, rooftop units, and so on.

Also, in case you are applying roof coatings, there typically is no need for a permit. There are also special regulations concerning roofing materials’ resistance to wind speed. Specific rules also address the issue of a roofing system’s flashing or other essential elements.

Metal roof shingles are not to be installed on very low-sloped roofing systems. At any rate, never start a roofing job without understanding the codes and regulations first. When in doubt, you should not hesitate and consult with experienced and knowledgeable commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractors who can provide you with all the details you may need.

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