Unique Roofs for Large Luxury Denver Homes

The Mile High City boasts some of the world’s most luxurious houses. With such elegant and expansive homes come the endless possibilities of customizing and creating a unique roof. No longer are roofers and architects limited to traditional styles. With the help of an experienced Denver roofer, take your home to luxurious new heights with custom roofing options.

Denver roofer

Create a sleek look with metal panels

For an ultra-modern look, opt for metal panels. These thin sheets come in various colors, will last longer than many materials, and are fire and insect-resistant. You will also enjoy a lighter roof, as metal materials are much lighter than shingles.

Get that old-world charm with terra cotta tiles

Bring a pristine old-world charm to your Denver home with the classic beauty of terra cotta tiles. There are many benefits to ceramic and terracotta tiles, one being that they are available in various colors and shapes, adding depth and texture to your roofline. Ceramic and terra cotta also offer excellent fire, water, and wind resistance.

Go with natural stone slabs

Natural stone slabs are one of the oldest roofing materials, creating a rustic, dramatic look. Popular options are slate and quartzite, but many other options also exist. Natural stone is heavy, so that extra reinforcing may be necessary for your home. Stone is exceptionally durable and wind resistant, so you will not need to worry about your roof in Denver’s occasional high winds.

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