Ways to Protect Your Roof from Storm Damage

Denver roofing companies identify and repair roof hail damage

Whether we like it or not, bad weather happens and a lot of homeowners have to face several property damages, especially in the roof area. Usually, storm damages followed by heavy winds and hail are the most significant. Maybe you can’t control the weather but you could do some things to protect your roof.

  • Have credible Denver roofing companies inspect your roof regularly, including the interior walls and ceiling, for signs of leaking or cracks, that could get worse in case of a storm. Complete repairs as soon as they occur.
  • Make sure that shingles properly nailed. Also, damaged shingles are the most likely to be taken away by the wind.
  • It is important to check if the siding isn’t already damaged.
  • Clean the gutters. In case of heavy rain, water has to have her escape route and to flow away from your home and keep your roof and attic safe from water infiltration.
  • Trim your tree regularly, because long branches can fall on your roof. Also, remove any debris such and dead leaves that could accumulate in the gutter system.
  • Don’t keep a heavy load in your attic, if possible, even if your roof is solid. This way, you prevent the risk of collapsing, if you live in an area with frequent extreme storms.

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