What are Advantages of a Cement Tile Roof

Cement roof tiles are made from water, sand and cement to which pigments are added – the resulting products are highly resistant roofing materials that come in many styles and can provide protection that lasts for at least a century.

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Here are more details about the benefits of concrete tiles:

  • Durability among any climate circumstances – concrete tiles are impervious to water and fire, they are not attractive for pests and they can stand up to almost any weather, including rain, high winds, snow and strong UV radiation;
  • A wide range of colors, shapes and textures – cement tiles come in a seemingly endless variety of styles. While in the past, matte, terracotta tiles were the most common, today you can easily find tiles in unusual colors, such as white, cream and black and high-shine or satin textures are also available;
  • Low maintenance and easy repairs – Local Denver roofing companies confirm that cement tiles need to be cleaned and inspected at least once a year, but they don’t need any special maintenance. Repairing cement roofs is also easy – whatever weather comes along, it will probably damage only a couple of your tiles, so all you will have to do is to grab a few of your spare tiles and slip them into the place of the damaged ones.

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