What are Some Common Residential Winter Roofing Problems to Look Out for

Undoubtedly, there is something magic about winter in general. However, after a few weeks of freezing cold and snow, its other aspect is revealed – an everyday, pragmatic and much less pleasant aspect.

Beyond the problems it causes with road circulation, snow can have adverse consequences on the roof of your home, in the absence of certain elements designed to prevent problems specific to the cold season: snow accumulations, ice dams, icicles – and their unwanted effects.

In this context, the installation of a de-icing system on the roof is very important. Problems that you can avoid with the help of such a system include:

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Snow falling from the roof, ice dams and icicles

In some situations, snow falling from the roof in large quantities can be a real health hazard, especially due to temperature variations that encourage the formation of ice in the snow layers. Also, the weight of the snow is another problem that may affect the resistance structure of the roof, which can lead to a collapse of this element of the house. To avoid winter roofing problems, employ Denver roofing companies to inspect your roof and remove heavy snowfall from it if necessary.

Water infiltration

Snow and ice dams keep moisture on the roof for a long time and block gutters, favoring infiltration.

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