What Causes Commercial Roof Leaks and How Should You Deal with Them?

Are you looking to prevent your roof from leaking? The following issues are considered  by most candid Fort Collins commercial roofing experts to be among the top most damaging factors attributed to commercial roof leaks:

Fort Collins commercial roofing pros repair leaking roofs

  1. Probably the main cause of a commercial roof leak is water damage. Water damage can be a problem especially in older roofs or when pooling and other structural damage is already present.
  2. A poorly constructed roof will also be more prone to leaking. Commercial roofs are, of course, required to adhere to certain standards, but not all companies are capable of physically installing or repairing a commercial roof, while keeping a proper checklist of all those standards. So, in the long run, a faulty roof will definitely not last.
  3. Improper sealing is also a common cause that is closely related in most cases to poor roof construction and installation. Even newer roofing systems that are improperly sealed can leak right after they were newly installed.
  4. Finally, there’s also a lot to say about old age in most types of commercial roofing systems. Older roofs will naturally no longer be able to protect your building as easily as they used to, and at some point, recurring leaks will warrant the need for a complete replacement of your old roof.

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