What Goes into a Residential Roofing Quote?

Denver roofer

Roofing services can vary considerably from one roofer to the other – each roofer has their own network of suppliers and pricing policies, therefore one of the most important steps of getting a new roof or of fixing extensive roof damage is to contact multiple roofers to provide cost estimates. After obtaining at least three or four quotes for the roofing project you are planning, you should take the time to evaluate what is being offered in each quote – here is what the document should contain:

  • An itemized list of the materials to be used – the quotes should provide the type, the brand name, the quantity and the price of the materials to be used. Be prepared that quality comes for a price, so materials in higher quality categories cost more;
  • The workmanship – the quote should also provide information about the phases and the tasks in the roofing project as well as the labor rates associated with each step;
  • The timeframe – roofing estimates should give you information about how long each work phase will last;
  • Warranties – A top rated Denver roofer will provide a warranty not only on the materials they use on your roof, but also on their work. You should find related information in the quotes.

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