What Helps Make Commercial Roofing Safe?

Unlike residential roofing, commercial roofs are structures that are often stepped on or walked on, structures that often accommodate pieces of equipment that need to be accessed frequently for various purposes and that are often exposed to corrosive chemical spills.

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Consequently, commercial roofing structures need to meet very high safety requirements – here are some tips from leading commercial roofers in Denver to ensure compliance:

  • Regular maintenance – professional inspections, cleaning and the timely repair of any fault detected during the check-ups is essential for ensuring that the roof is in perfect conditions and strong enough to resist even heavy foot traffic;
  • Guard rails – a roof that gets lots of traffic needs solid and secure railings and guards to ensure safe walking around;
  • Safety trainings for your employees – anyone going up on the roof needs to be familiar with the rules of climbing on ladders safely and of moving around on the roof safely. To ensure that, enroll your staff into training sessions;
  • Safety gear for your employees – the people who climb up to the roof and perform any activity up there need to wear proper safety gear, composed at least of a hard hat, non-slop work shoes and work gloves. In special cases, personal fall arrest equipment, such as harnesses, might also be necessary.

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