What Home Buyers Should Expect From a Roof Inspection

Buying a home is one of the toughest decision a person could make during their lifetime. Not only it will be a huge investment but can leave a person to struggle financially if proper measures are not taken into account. One such would be checking the roof of the home. Hiring a top notch Denver roofer to inspect the roof before making the final purchase will save future homeowners from major hazards and repair costs in the future.

Denver roofer

Checking for Any Damage

A proper roof inspection is done by a professional will determine the current state of the roof. A roof inspector will check the roof for any damage, missing or deteriorated shingles, cracks and fissures, as well as making sure the gutter is not clogged or, in some cases, missing. Besides the roof shingles, flashing and interior ventilation are also inspected, as well as the overall roof structure.

Learning the Roof’s History

The roof inspector may be able to determine the roofs overall history, such as when the roof was constructed, the maintenance it has received over the years and if the warranty is still viable so that it can be transferred to the new homeowner. Because the roof plays such a major role to the home, such as being the most exposed part of the home to the outside elements, a roof presenting lots of damage to its structure can reduce the initial offering price.

The initial offering price can be re-negotiated exponentially, especially if the roof shows signs it will need a replacement soon. If the roof has minor and easy to fix issues, a roof inspector may be able to determine the estimated cost for the repairs.

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