What is Dry Rot in Roofs?

Dry rot (Serpula Lacrymans) is a fungus that appears only in construction and causes wood decay. The wooden structure of the attacked roof cracks longitudinally and perpendicularly to the wood fiber, has a dark brown shade and breaks into a dry powder when you touch it. Although moisture does not cause dry rot, for wood degradation to occur, the wood must stay in a humid environment. Optimal humidity for the development of this fungus is between 30-40%.

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One of the features of these fungi is the formation of 6 mm thick rhizomes. They can spread over several meters of inert materials such as bricks and penetrate plaster and masonry, making it almost impossible to determine if the infestation was completely cleaned.

Serpula Lacrymans produces millions of rust-colored spores, which can cover an entire wall or floor with a layer of rusty dust – which is another characteristic of dry rot. It also features a common fungi smell.

Preventing dry rot can be done by adequate ventilation of the roof, specifically by installing a crest valve that will only work if there are also air vents. The holes must be drilled through the air vents so that the cold air reaches the bottom and pushes the hot air to the top.

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