What Is Involved in the Inspection of an Older Roof?

Roofing inspections can serve various purposes – you might need an inspection because you want to sell your property and you need a report that describes the condition of the roof, you might need an inspection to figure out the best course of repair action to take or just to ensure that your roof, though old, is still in good shape.

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Here are the steps involved with the inspection of an older roof:

  • checking from the ground level – the first phase of roof inspection is always that of looking up at the roof from the ground and checking the area surrounding the building for any crumbles of roofing materials. The scope of the inspection performed from ground level is to figure out whether the roofing structure is affected by any sagging and if the roof is sturdy enough to be inspected from roof level;
  • climbing up to the roof – this phase usually involves climbing up to the roof level on a ladder and to inspect the roof surface which things for any damage visible from a distance;
  • inspection from the attic – According to a #1 ranked Denver roofer, an old roof needs to be inspected not only from above, but also from underneath, that is, from the attic, to see whether the structural components are intact and strong enough.


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