What Kind of Insurance Coverage Should my Residential Roofer Have

Residential roofers need not only a state-issues license to be allowed to work legally – they also need to be insured through the right type of policies as well. Some of the most important documents to check while you are evaluating residential Fort Collins roofing company pros available in your area for the roofing project that you have in mind are the roofer’s insurance documents – here are the types of policies required:

  • General liability insurance – this type of policy is essential for any business that provides services, roofers included. The insurance provides coverage if the activity of the roofer or of the roofing team causes damage to the client’s property or an injury to a person who is not the roofer’s employee;
  • Worker’s compensation insurance – this type of policy covers for any work-related injury or accident sustained by the roofer’s employees while carrying out work tasks.

Fort Collins roofing company pros are insured

Not all states make it mandatory for roofers to carry the two types of insurance policies above. However, the existence of the two types of policies is great proof that the roofer you are talking to is a reliable and responsible contractor, especially if the policies are not required by the law in your state or area.

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