What Really Causes Shingle Deterioration and How Can You Prevent It?

Shingle deterioration is a big issue, since it doesn’t just include instances when shingles suffer damage because of a single storm, but also the wear and tear that they are subjected to by the elements over a longer period of time. Without proper maintenance, deterioration is maximized depending on the type of roof you have, and regardless of how good the material might be, your shingles will be subjected to greater damage resulting in the earlier demise of your roofing structure.

So, we already know that poor maintenance can cause easier shingle deterioration. However, it’s important to know how that might happen and take actions against it.

First, not cleaning your roof frequently can lead to debris clogging your gutters, attracting pests and producing pools of water and ice dams that will slowly do a real number on your shingles. Also, failing to fix damaged flashing can lead to leaks that will, over time, get bigger and lead to mold, rotting and faster deterioration for certain areas of your roof’s interior structure.

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Make sure you clean your roof frequently and check for small damage while you’re up there. Check for broken, dented and cracked shingles, and have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Also, consider hiring a professional Fort Collins roofer to inspect your roof at least once every six months, in order to evaluate any damage and make suggestions regarding changes in your required roof maintenance activities.

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