What Roofing Materials are Most Fire Resistant

Fort Collins roofer can install fire resistant roofing materials

The roof of a building is vulnerable in the event of a fire, so building codes in most fire-prone areas require fire-resistant materials to be used to install a new roof. A roof that is fireproof provides the building a better chance to survive a fire.

There are many types of materials and, when it comes to their fire resistance, they are categorized into classes.  Class A includes the most fire-resistant materials, while classes B and C denote progressively less efficiency, in this context. Typically, fiberglass shingles are included in Class A, and most organic shingles have class B or C ratings.

Some of the most fire resistant materials include:

  • Asphalt Shingles

It is estimated that this very common and affordable material can withstand a fire for up to two hours, which is definitely an advantage, especially in areas where fire is not an ever-present danger.

  • Clay and concrete tiles

These are very durable roofing materials, also rated class A when it comes to fire resistance.

  • Slate

This material is nearly indestructible, so a slate roof is a great choice for roofs with a strong resistance structure.

  • Metal

Metal roofing has no fire hazard and, in addition, it is resistant to corrosion, rust, abrasion and UV rays.

You can get further information from a Fort Collins roofer knowledgeable in fire resistant roofing materials and installation methods.

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