What Should I Expect from My Roofer with A Storm Damage Insurance Claim?

If your roof has sustained storm damage, you need a roofing expert by your side. Your contractor can help you not only mitigate the damage and repair or replace your roof – roofers also have experience with the insurance claim process. Here is how your Denver roofer can help you with your claim:

Denver roofer can help expedite insurance claim

  • Damage documentation – one of the most important things to have in successful claim document is evidence of the damage. Your roofer can help you record images and shoot footage of the damage sustained by your roof as well as of the measures implemented to handle the damage;
  • Help with the file – your Denver roofer can help you fill in your insurer’s damage claim form and submit your claim correctly;
  • Cost estimates – roofing experts also know how to prepare repair cost estimates in a way that complies with the insurer’s requirements;
  • Negotiations with the insurer’s adjuster – after receiving your claim file, your insurer will send their own damage assessment expert called an adjuster, then they will inform you about the amount they are willing to pay. If you are not happy with that offer, your roofer can help you obtain a higher amount by supporting you during the negotiations with the insurer.

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