What Should You Look for in a Standard Certificate of Insurance?

ask a commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractor for certificate of insurance

A certificate of insurance (COI) is usually necessary in a number of situations where the clients of a contractor might want to be assured that they don’t have to cover damage costs in the event that, for instance, a tenant causes a fire or accidentally injures a visiting technician.

If you own a building or a house, asking the commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractor you hire for a certificate of insurance can be very important, but looking through it and knowing what sections to keep track of can be even more essential.

One of the key areas to look for is the date when the certificate was issued. Some other sections should include the disclaimer that speaks of the nature of the COI, the insurer and insured parties, the name of the certificate holder and the signature of the agent or broker belonging to the insurance company in question.

Most importantly, however, you have to look for the specifics of the coverage included into the certificate of insurance that you are provided with. Coverage should include general liability and worker’s compensation primarily. However, additional coverage can also be added depending on the type of contracting work that will be done. For instance, some companies will also include umbrella liability as well as commercial auto insurance. Make sure you check the expiration dates that apply to each different type of coverage mentioned in the certificate.

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