What Type of Roof do I Need?

The ideal type of roof for your home depends very much on its shape and size. In principle, roofs are of two types, although there is a much more elaborate complexity of shapes, which cannot be included in these categories:

Sloped roofs are the most common and generally preferred for residential buildings, as they also allow the creation of upstairs storage spaces or the transformation of the attic into a nice and cozy living space.

On the other hand, there are also flat roofs, which are commonly seen on commercial buildings, although their popularity is rising and nowadays look very compatible with modern residential buildings, with geometric designs. The covering materials have been improved very much and the concerns about proper water drainage in the case of a flat roof are no longer current.

Fort Collins roofer - Interstate Roofing

As about the choice of roofing materials, according to a big league Fort Collins roofer, it depends a lot on the climate in which you live. High elevated areas or depressions, with massive snowfalls in winter, frost and rich rainfalls require more resistant and expensive roofing materials, so as to better insulate the house. Some cover materials are more resistant to certain climatic conditions than others. The angle of inclination of the roof slope must also be taken into account, as well as whether the roof is new or restored and whether the space under the roof is inhabited or not. Before choosing a roofing material, you will need to get the insight of an experienced local Fort Collins roofer.

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