What Warranties are Available for Commercial Roofs?

If you are currently planning to have a new commercial roof installed and you want to know about the documents that should come with your new roof, here are the types of warranties that are usually offered with new commercial roofs:

  • Manufacturer’s material warranty – this type of warranty is issued by the material manufacturer and it is usually for 10-30 years, depending on the roofing material it is issued for. The warranty provides coverage for any defects or failure of the material that is due to manufacturing defects, usually at the prorated value of the material;
  • Manufacturer’s system warranty – these documents are also issued by the material manufacturer and they also provide coverage for 10-30 years, but they are broader than material warranties and they provide coverage for specific defects in workmanship. They usually exclude the roof components that are not produced by the manufacturer that issues the warranty;
  • Contractor’s workmanship warranty – this type of document is issued by the roofer who installs the roof and they usually provide coverage for the defects caused by improper installation for a relatively short period, usually between 1-5 years.

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To be sure what is and what is not covered by warranty on your roof, bring up the issue when you talk to commercial roofers in Denver and also review the documents attentively.

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