When Is Painting the Old Roof Better Than Replacing It?

Painting a roof is a quick and easy fix for an otherwise solid structure. This method can be a safe alternative to getting your old roof replaced if the only problem you have is a little fading. Here are some situations when roof paint is all you need to restore the beauty of your home:

  • A roof that has lost its color, but not its strength – a well maintained, but aged roof can still be one that serves the safety and the comfort of your home for a long time. If your roof is like this, but the action of the UV rays coming from the sun has altered the color of the surface, adding a new shade can efficiently restore the appearance of the entire structure.
  • You need a little more energy efficiency – if your roof is still strong and healthy, but you are looking for ways to improve its ability to prevent the energy exchange between your building interior and exterior environment, applying a coat of paint that improves energy efficient features is a good idea.
  • Leak prevention – you can easily find roof paint varieties that improve the roof’s ability to shed water. This improves the roof’s waterproof ability and reduces the risk of leaks.

Interstate Roofing

Talk to the experts at Interstate Roofing for honest advice regarding your roof needs. They will give you the opportunity to make a well-informed, responsible decision regarding roofing choices within your set budget.

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