When to Install a New Roof for Your Home

When it comes time to make improvements to a home, one of the decisions that homeowners may need to make is when to install a new roof. Knowing when to install a new roof is essential to protecting your home. A trusted Fort Collins roofing company with a 5 star online reputation is the best source to help you determine if repairs, or a new installation, are necessary.

Fort Collins roofing company

One of the main indicators that a new roof needs to be installed is when the old roof starts to leak and repairs are not efficient anymore. If you notice water coming into the home or the roof is proving insufficient in keeping the elements out, it is likely time for a new roof. Additionally, if there is extensive roof damage from a powerful storm or other elements, replacing the roof may be the best option for long-term building stability.

An additional indicator that the roof may need to be replaced is the age of the roof, as well as visible signs of wear and tear. If the old materials are warped, discolored, or in disrepair, it may be time to install a new roof. Additionally, if a considerable amount of moss or other items grows on the rooftop, it may indicate some underlying issues that will eventually require a roof replacement.

Taking the time to check for damage, wear, and leaks can help homeowners make the correct decision.

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