When You Have to Think About Replacing Your Commercial Roof

Replacing a commercial roof is an expensive project, which is why many people choose to ignore this problem until the last minute. However, considering that the roof is the only thing that protects your business from the outside elements, you should be more proactive and involved in its regular inspection and maintenance. This way, problems will be identified early, and you will have time to prepare financially for a roof replacement project.

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These are a few signs indicating that it is time to think about replacing your commercial roof:

Water leaks and blistering

Recurrent water leaks signify that the roof is either too old or too damaged to be efficient anymore. Blistering is also related to water damage and is caused by moisture trapped in the insulation. Honest commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractors substantiate that there may be more water damage under the cover than you would have thought, and, in this case, repairs are useless, as the problems will persist.

Damaged roof membrane

There are roof membranes made from materials that make them easy to be repaired, but if a large area of the membrane is damaged, it instead needs to be replaced. Keep an eye for lifting, bald spots, and open laps.

Old roof

If the roof is close to the end of the life span estimated by the manufacturer, it is also time to plan its replacement.


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