Who Covers the Roof Repair Costs in an Apartment Building?

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Repairing and restoring common parts of an apartment building is established by law. However, there are still often discussions between apartment owners regarding the contribution of each one to the payment of the total costs. In case of roof problems, some owners on the lower floors consider that the money necessary to repair the roof must be paid by those directly affected by the damage, i.e., people who own apartments on the top floor.

It might be convenient for them to believe this, but it doesn’t mean they are correct. On the contrary! It doesn’t matter how many floors a building has; the roof protects the entire building, not just the last floor. This is why the roof is not the exclusive property of people living on the top floors.

If someone is stubborn enough to have doubts about this, they have to imagine what would happen if an apartment owner on the top floor left for a while, during which time water would enter through the defective roof. Yes, the apartment in question would be the first to be affected, but water and moisture will not stop there but will soon affect the entire building.

As such, expenses and maintenance services, and repairs of roofs under common ownership shall be borne by all tenants equally and managed by the HOA.  For quality roofing services, you can count on Interstate Roofing, a trusted Fort Collins roofing company with a 5 star online reputation!

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