Why Are Flat Roofs Preferred for Large Commercial Buildings?

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If you take a look at the roofs installed on commercial buildings, you can find buildings that have sloping roofs, but the type of roof that seems to be preferred for most of these buildings is flat. Here are some of the features offered by flat roofs that are considered beneficial for most commercial facilities:

  • Easier and safer installation – putting on a sloped roof might be a safe and easy option for a small residential building, but installing a pitched roofing system on a very large commercial building would be dangerous and complicated, to the point of being impossible. This means that flat structures are very often the only option available for large commercial buildings.
  • Affordability – sloping structures use more materials than flat ones. Practiced commercial roof repair Fort Collins contractors tell us that the difference might be insignificant in the case of small buildings, but when it comes to really large roofs, the difference in square footage between a flat roof and a sloping structure of the same size is considerable. And so is the difference in the amount of materials required by the two roof types. This may impact install and repair costs.
  • Practicality – many commercial facilities use their rooftops as an extra floor. They keep and install things on the surface, such as the outdoor units of their air conditioners or other structures. If these companies were forced to use sloping structures on top of their buildings, they would lose the extra space.

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