Why Are Flat Roofs Used Primarily for Commercial Roofing in Denver?

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In the past, low-sloping roofs, also called flat roofs (though they are never completely flat, since all roofs need a little slope to be able to shed water), were only used on commercial buildings, but today they are becoming increasingly widespread on modern residential architectures that feature sleek, boxy designs. However, when people think of flat roofs, they usually picture a building with a flat structure on the top, low-slope roofs being most typically used on flat roofs – here is why:

  • Cost-efficiency – commercial buildings are usually larger than residential architecture, many of them spreading on so many square feet that fitting them with a pitched roof would cost a fortune. Prominent commercial roofers in Denver confirm that the materials used on flat buildings are also cheaper than the materials used for building residential roofs;
  • Practicality – commercial buildings rarely need attics, therefore pitched roofs are useless on them. A flat roof also allows for the installation of outdoor air conditioning units, satellite dishes and other features on the rooftop, thus helping businesses save valuable space elsewhere around the building;
  • Versatility – flat roofs are versatile in terms of purpose of usage as well; many companies decide to transform their rooftops into recreation areas for employees or into rooftop gardens.

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