Why Is Slate Such a Good Option for Installing a New Residential Roof?

Slate is a fine-grained, natural rock that has been used for building roofs since roofs exist. The traditional material is quite expensive and it is also heavy, which makes it suitable only for solid buildings able to support that weight. Fort Collins roofer

Slate roofing comes with qualities that make it stand out – here are some:

  • Unique appearance – no two pieces of slate have the exact same graining and color, so every slate roof is unique. Slate products are also available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, allowing any homeowner to find the best match for the overall style of their architecture;
  • Durability – A candid Fort Collins roofer adept in slate roofing substantiates that slate is a hard and strong material that is unaffected by harsh weather. The roofs built from the natural stone can stand up to gale-force winds, heavy rain and snow, harsh sunshine as well as to temperature extremes;
  • Longevity – correctly installed slate roofs can last for around a century without needing any special maintenance, other than regular cleaning and inspections, like other roof types;
  • Easy repair – slate roofs consist of small pieces of stone installed individually. This feature makes repair quick and easy – if a piece sustains damage, the damaged square can be simply removed and replaced with a new piece.

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