Why Is Tile Roofing Such a Popular Choice for Residential Roofing in Denver?

Tile roofs, whether made from cement or clay, are among the most durable roofing materials and also ones that come with many other great and important benefits as well, being just the perfect option for Denver homes. Here are some of those great benefits:

  • Durability – roofing tiles are known to have an extremely long lifespan, most tile roofs lasting for up to a century without sustaining too much damage or causing too much problem;
  • Resistance – roofing tiles are brittle, which means that they might be somewhat sensitive to really strong impact, such as a large tree limb falling on a tile roof. However, that is about the only thing that can really get to tile roofs – the roofing structures made from clay or cement are known to be able to stand up to almost any weather and to be impervious to pests and to fire as well;
  • Attractive appearance – in the past, roofing tiles used to be available only in classic shapes and classic colors, such as shades of red, brown and terracotta. The situation has changed a lot in recent years, and today roofing tiles are available in many bold designs, such as glossy textures and unusual colors, like blue green or black.

Interstate Roofing in Denver

To find out if a tile roof is right for your home, talk to Interstate Roofing in Denver for expert consultation and services.

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