Why it’s Important to Install Roofing Flashing the Right Way

Fort Collins roofing company installs flashing

Flashing is an important accessory for any fully functional roof. Flashing is mounted under the cover at the intersection of two valleys and allow the water to be directed to the drainage system, preventing infiltrations.

According to Fort Collins roofing company pros, superficial or incorrect installation of the flashing is one of the most common roofing mistakes, with severe consequences, since flashing is the most vulnerable roof section, considering that it deals with collecting and directing substantial amounts of water.

Usually the sides of the flashing have 250-300 mm. However, if the valleys they join together have large surfaces and inclination angles, it is recommended to use a special flashing with larger sides than the regular products. The size of the flashing`s sides will be determined by the roofing specialists who, thanks to their experience, know exactly which is the required size of the flashing, in each case.

Starting from the idea that the function of the roof flashing consists in collecting the rainwater flow from the roof and direct it to the drainage system, it is strictly forbidden to pierce it.

When installing the shingles on each side of the flashing, make sure you do not make joints or tap nails in the flashing or near the center axis, otherwise you will cause infiltration.


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