Why Keeping Your Gutters Free of Leaves is Important

Relatively simple roof maintenance, cleaning and maintaining the roof gutters free of leaves can easily be done by any homeowner. The roof of a home tends to gather a lot of leaves and all kind of debris over time. Maintaining it clean will ensure that the roof will not be exposed to any damage or deterioration. The purpose of gutters on a house is to lead the water away from the foundation and if not working as intended can lead to a great amount of water seeping in the soil near the foundation leading to structural instability and the flooding of the basement.

Fort Collins roofer can repair your gutters

Cleaning the gutters once every few months is ideal to keep them from gathering leaves and becoming clogged. In these situations, the clogged gutters will not allow water to slide off the roof during rainy days adding to the entire weight and putting a lot of stress on the gutters themselves. This may lead the gutters to detach or even collapse entirely. The situation can get even worse during the winter. Remaining leaves that are clogging the gutters prevent the water from draining out. The cold winter temperature will cause the water and leaves inside to freeze. The best thing to do is to contact a top rated Fort Collins roofer and schedule annual inspections to make sure your gutters and roof system are in good working order. This is the best way to protect your home from unnecessary damages.

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