Why Replacing Your Roof is a Great Investment

An old roof, outdated in performance or simply unsightly, can be easily changed. The stages of roof replacement include removing old coating, replacing damaged wooden support elements, installing anti condensation foil and installation of the new roof cover.

Replacing a complete roof system is not complicated and does not affect your daily activities. The normal replacement time takes 2 to 5 days, depending on the surface and its complexity.

Do not delay the replacement of a roof made of poor quality materials: asbestos, galvanized sheets, old ceramic tiles etc. They usually conceal potential causes of damage to the entire roof structure, are heavy, no longer efficient and also affect the aesthetic appearance of the building.

Interstate Roofing

It is advisable to work with a professional roofer like those found here https://interstateroof.com/, recommended by the manufacturer, to ensure a fast execution and adequate quality and warranty. A professional team also offers suggestions on possible changes in the design and functionality of the roof, adapted to current needs and trends.

It is also advisable that, with the renovation of the roof, you also replace the old drainage system, which will enhance the performance and lifespan of the roof.

A new roof means protection and peace of mind for many years from now, a more attractive exterior appearance and better energy efficiency – all translating into a bigger value of the property.

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