Why Would I Find Nails on My Roof

When inspecting a roof, it is common that we come across nails popping out.  What does it mean and how can we prevent this from happening?

Popped nails are not a good sign, because they may cause leaks. One of the main reasons that they pop out is because of poor ventilation.  So, you will have to carefully inspect the attic ventilation and take the necessary measures to reduce it, as well as to avoid factors that allow expanding and contracting roofing materials., such as temperature fluctuations.

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Other common causes of finding exposed nails on the roof include:

  • Nails too short
  • Nails between decking grooves
  • Roof decking not strong enough
  • Nails between seams
  • Nails in decking knots / joints
  • Improper nailing
  • Old, decayed, rotten decking
  • Deteriorated caulking

Remember that popped nails are the cause of popped shingles, which will then allow water infiltration and all the associated problems. Yes, something as small as a nail is enough to start a nightmare, so make sure you do not ignore regular maintenance. Allow roofing professionals like your local Interstate Roofing Fort Collins roofer to assess the condition of your roof periodically and identify vulnerabilities, in order to prevent you from dealing with such problems.

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