Will You Cover My Plants When Replacing the Roof?

A roof replacement will transform your yard into a construction site, for a few days. This is not a nice perspective, but a roof replacement must not be postponed.

A professional roofing team will work responsibly and minimize potential damage that can be done during the roof installation, including to your landscape. However, if you want to be sure that your roofer will protect your vegetation over the course of the roofing project, make sure this aspect is stipulated in the contract. Besides, you and your contractor must discuss openly about this, identify the areas that need most protection as well as the best protective measures.

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Responsible commercial roofers Denver pros, committed to provide quality services and to client satisfaction will hang tarps around your business, to protect your plants from debris that may fall during the roof replacement.

Roofers typically bring a dumpster truck close by, to discard the waste, which is good because it prevents roofing debris from being scattered all over the place. However, make sure they will also control potential oil leaks or deep scrapes the dumpster truck may leave in your yard.

As for nails and other small accessories that may fall from the roof in the vegetation around the house, roofers should use nail magnets, to collect them safely.


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