Your Checklist for Choosing the Best Type of Metal Roof

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Today, metal roofs are among the most popular roofing systems used in all climate areas and for all sorts of buildings. The systems made from metal come in a variety of styles and types. The best way to ensure that the structure you get on your building meets your expectations is to prepare a checklist and evaluate the available metal systems based on the categories in that checklist. Here are some categories to include in your checklist:

  • Material price – while some types of metal roofs, such as aluminum and steel are among the cheapest solutions, others, such as copper or zinc-coated materials are more expensive. To be able to pick the best alloy, start the evaluation process with allocating a budget to the roof replacement project. Contacting a respected Fort Collins roofer with metal roofing experience is a great way to start to gather pertinent information.
  • Material weight – not all the metal alloys used for making roofing systems weigh the same. Before picking your material, check the weight bearing capacity of your building and make sure that the alloy you choose matches this capacity.
  • Resistance – not all metal alloys can withstand the elements with the same efficiency. Not all of them are resistant to corrosion and chemical spills in the same way. Before you pick your material, make sure to find out how the alloys you have in mind fare in that respect.

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